No Cavity Club

According to the CDC, tooth decay affects children in the United States more than any other chronic infectious disease. Left untreated, tooth decay can have long term consequences that can affect your child into adulthood. At Dental Health Center, we believe it’s important to reward children with good brushing habits! Each month one lucky boy and one lucky girl from our club receive two free movie tickets to the Marshall 6 Theatre. Your child could be our next club winner; watch our website for new smiling faces each month!

No Cavity Club – Boys

March 2014: Noah S.

February 2014: Brett R.

January 2014: Shem H.

December 2013: Blake K.

November 2013: Logan L.

October 2013: Isaac S.

September 2013: Cody H.

August 2013: Joseph H.

July 2013: Dylan S.

June 2013: Owen M.

May 2013: Garrett Marotzke

April 2013: Austin M.

March 2013: Trey H.

February 2013: Jackson Burgess

January 2013: Trevor S.

December 2012: Jackson Vierstraete

November 2012: Garrett Marotzke

October 2012: Evan Greenfield

Juan Espinoza - August 2012

Logan Legatt - July 2012

No Cavity Club – Girls

March 2014: Alivia O.

February 2014: Elizabeth B.

January 2014: Holland N.

December 2013: Hannah L.

November 2013: Nora H.

October 2013: Paige D.

September 2013: Izzy L.

August 2013: Olivia D.

July 2013: Tiffany D.

June 2013: Janel S.

May 2013: Ysabel C.

April 2013: Ava H.

March 2013: Katie E.

February 2013: Megan Burgess

January 2013: Taya Weber

December 2012: Bridget T.

November 2012: Clara Jennings

October 2012: Allison Van Watermeulen

September 2012: Riley Serereyn

Delaney Willhite - August 2012

Tiffany Dubbeldee - July 2012

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