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What is Clear Correct?

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Clear Correct Braces Marshall

Looking for an alternative to metal braces? ClearCorrect invisible braces are the clear and simple way to straighten your teeth so you can show off your smile! no wires. no brackets. just clear, convenient comfort—every reason to smile.

With ClearCorrect, your dentist or orthodontist can straighten your teeth using a series of clear, custom, removable aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth just a little bit at a time until you eventually get straight teeth.

Is Clear Correct Right for Me?

Contact us today to find out if ClearCorrect can help you get the perfect smile you’ve always wanted in as little as 6-9 months in most cases.

Clear Correct treatment Marshall

Crowding – Crowded teeth can often make it more difficult to brush & floss effectively, which can lead to tooth decay.

Spacing – spaced teeth don’t support each other as well as normal teeth so they’re more vulnerable to impact and pressure.

Overjet – Over jet refers to the amount of space between your upper teeth and lower teeth. If there’s too much or too little space, you won’t be able to bite and chew as effectively as you could.

Overbite – Overbite referrs to when your upper teeth go way down on your lower teeth. This condition can make it difficult to bite and tear into certain foods.

Midline Misalignment – Minor midline misalignments usually do not significantly impair bite function, but connecting this issue can improve symmetry & asthetics of your smile.

Clear correct invisible braces Marshall

What about Age?

For adults and teenagers, age will not be a problem. Children who might not yet have all of their molars and even seniors with more complicated dental cases may be candidates for clearcorrect but should consult with their dentist. Clearcorrect can help you achieve your best smile whether your teeth are crowded or spaced. It can correct most overbites, underbites and can straighten and align teeth that are crooked or turned.

Concerned about the Way You Look?

ClearCorrect is one of the clearest solutions available. So, if you’re embarrassed about people noticing, or looking unprofessional at work, you’ll feel comfortable once you see how unnoticeable your aligners are—you may even be surprised at how quickly you forget you’re wearing them.

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