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Our teeth, by nature, are designed to be straight and well-aligned. The teeth work efficiently when they are in right positions. When there is even a slight deviation in the positions of teeth, the bite is affected. This not only reduces the efficiency of the oral cavity but also affects the appearance of the smile. There are different types of orthodontic appliances designed to address such issues. One of the cosmetic solutions which have revolutionized the field of orthodontics is the Invisalign® system. The system has worked amazingly in correcting the bite. The best part of the treatment is that the aligners are invisible which means that patients do not have to let the world know about their orthodontic treatment. Dr. Duraiappa is one of the trained Invisalign® providers in Marshall, MN. The experience, knowledge and the gentle care offered by our dentist have helped our team build long-lasting relationships with many families in the locality.

How can my bite affect my oral health?

The upper and lower teeth come together in a bite. The manner in which the teeth come together is called occlusion. When the teeth are not in correct positions, the condition can be termed malocclusion or bad bite. When there is malocclusion, there are several problems that arise to affect the dental health.

  • It may become difficult to clean all the edges of teeth which can increase the risk of infection
  • The teeth may wear because of improper distribution of load
  • The smile can be less attractive
  • In complex cases, the speech may get affected

Invisalign® system can treat minor orthodontic problems. Our dentist performs a thorough oral examination to let patients if the aligners are suitable for their case. The removable aligners have many benefits including the ease with which patients can take care of their oral hygiene.

Invisalign® Treatment Procedure

The invisible aligners can be used to treat minor orthodontic cases. The first visit usually involves dental examination and questionnaire. Our dentist takes impressions of the teeth to find if Invisalign® is a good treatment option. On confirmation that the aligners can be used for the case, our dentist sets a treatment plan and explains it to the patient. We send the impressions and the treatment plan to the lab to get a 3D model of the planned teeth movements. Our dentist then communicates any changes in the plan if necessary with the lab and orders for Invisalign® system.

Every patient gets a custom-made Invisalign® system. The first pair of aligners is delivered to our office. We fit the removable aligners over patient’s teeth and explain him/her how to take care of oral health and the aligners. Each pair of aligners should be replaced with another after every two weeks. After every 6 weeks, the patient should visit our dental office to check the progress of treatment. On completion of the treatment, our dentist recommends use of retainers for few months. The treatment process may take about 12-18 months depending on the complexity of the case.

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