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Marshall, MN (July 19, 2013) – Say goodbye to the nerve-wracking whir and vibration of the dental drill. Marshall dentist Dr. Venkatraman Duraiappa at the Dental Health Center has become the latest dental professional to adopt WaterLase Dentistry from BIOLASE Technology, with the WaterLase iPlus™ laser dental system. The WaterLase laser is a high-tech tool that improves patient comfort, reduces anxiety, and in many cases can means no shot, no drill and no pain.

“No one likes the drill. People tense up the minute they hear it. WaterLase Dentistry is a major advance, both in terms of patient comfort and clinical results,” Dr. Duraiappa said. “Our goal is always to provide the most comfortable experience and the best dentistry for our patients, and making things easier on the patient is a big bonus.”

Drills, needles and numb lips can prevent people from taking a positive, proactive approach to oral health. WaterLase Dentistry changes the dynamic. Patients experience WaterLase Dentistry as more comfortable, convenient and less invasive. “As a WaterLase Dentist, I feel like I connect better with my patients in a positive, consultative atmosphere, leaving dread and fear in the past,” explains Dr. Duraiappa.

The WaterLase laser system combines laser energy and a gentle spray of water to gently cut teeth, gums and even bone without heat, vibration or pressure – all of the things that make the drill hurt. The only sound that patients hear is a gentle popping noise, removing much of the anxiety from the experience of being in the dentist’s chair.

The WaterLase system’s laser handpiece never touches the tooth as it removes dental decay, eliminating the grinding and heat associated with the drill, along with the pain triggered by nerves reacting to heat and vibration. The laser also helps preserve teeth by eliminating vibrations that can create microscopic cracks and fissures in the surrounding healthy tooth surface.

In procedures such as gum surgery, the WaterLase system uses only the energy of the laser to cut and water to cool as the tip gently touches the tissue. In most cases the laser eliminates bleeding.

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She just had a cavity fixed and she's smiling!

For most patients, a WaterLase dentistry treatment is painless, and no injection of anesthetic is needed. That means there is less chance of walking out of the office with a numb lip. “Not relying on pain killers in turn means we can fix several cavities anywhere in the mouth in a single visit, reducing the number of appointments you need,” explained Dr. Duraiappa so it’s a lot more convenient for patients.”

“Technology is transforming dentistry. Eventually, every dentist will use a laser,” said Dr. Duraiappa, “but we are leading the way by offering WaterLase Dentistry to our patients today.”

WaterLase lasers are completely safe and have been approved by the US FDA for preparing cavities for filling, root canals, bone surgery and a variety of other procedures, and are now used by thousands of dental professionals throughout the U.S. A list of dentists who use the system can be found at www.WaterLase.com.

For more information, call our office at 507-532-2233. At Dental Health Center, we care about your smile!

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